Uzone is an end to end technology solutions provider. As a highly awarded IT company, we are committed to fusing our expertise, creativity versatility for your success. Our solutions help businesses and organizations migrate services, improve operations and accelerate performance through managed IT services and nationwide 24/7 onsite IT support. Experience the peace of mind associated with outsourcing your IT department to a team of certified professionals. We are proud to share our excellent customer service, advance support technology and express delivery of projects -all so you can concentrate on what really matters: Our protocols ensure maximum IT improvement and provide the best return on investment, while our free consultations help you select the most appropriate service to match your needs and budget.


  • Ensure that Off Shore becomes a new option for growth and innovation
  • Our Teams leverage years of real-time expedience and applied research to bring value-added and innovative services to your disruptive IT initiatives
  • Create an “Affordable Luxury— Not Lowest Cost” Model
  • Ensure that we innovate your business through our research and experience
  • Create higher business value with low-cost innovative strategies
  • Over 25% of our current employees are bred in-house through our University Program!!